Education is the key to being sucessful!

Sometimes working on a job that doesn’t pay well, and is not interesting can be unfulfilling. I was once in that position until I decided one day to make a change. Then I decided to take a look at other options when it came to a career. I knew that I loved working in labs. I’ve always been intrigued with molecular biology. Molecular biology is a branch of biology that deals with biological activity on a molecular level. I was amazed at the interaction between various systems of a cell. I felt this was the type of career that I could have for many years.

I had a choice between going to school for 4 years, with a bachelors degree or to continue and earn my masters degree. After looking at all of my options. I decided to continue to go for my doctorate. When you enjoy doing something, you want to go as far as you can.

Next I began looking at the ways I could attend my classes. I enjoy being around other people and socializing, so I knew that I would enjoy studying on campus. However, there are other alternatives. Online classes are popular because they give students who work and have other obligations a choice.

To achieve success in these economic times it is crucial that an education be considered. When a company has a position available whether it is within the private sector or in the government, they look for the most qualified. Being the most qualified candidate means to understand in depth the duties that the position requires. To even become a proper applicant I knew that I would have to have an education.

I now have my master’s degree in molecular biology and have had two job offers! Continuing your education is definitely well worth it!


Make the Right Decision and Get Degree

I graduated high school last year and immediately went to work as a receptionist at a local business. I was so excited to be out of school and ready to work on my own, that I never thought about getting a degree. I thought I knew what to do and was sure I could move out of my parent’s house and get an apartment on my own. That is what most of my friends were doing, and we all thought we were adults and could handle life on our own.

This plan worked through the summer. I found a small one bedroom apartment and worked 40 hours a week, and when I was off, it was mainly going out with my friends or shopping. We didn’t do anything progressive, and soon that lifestyle got very boring and monotonous, but I had no other choice because I didn’t have enough money to do anything else. Being a receptionist only pays minimum wage and that wasn’t enough to do much more than pay rent, and most of the time I had to hit my parents up for the food and extras.

After about six months of this, my parents came to the rescue when they suggested that I go college and get a degree. I could get an education and earn a degree that would allow me to have a better income and be in a position to improve my life.

This was a great idea, and there were so many different fields I could go into. I had a wide selection of fields to choose from, and when I graduated, I would have a career not just a job that was going nowhere.

I have always liked animals, and they like me, so I decided to get a liberal arts degree, and then go to veterinary school, and now that I have made this decision about what to do with my life, I feel so much better. I cannot wait to start school, and I am so glad that I kept up with my high school classes, so that I received my diploma. If I hadn’t, I could’ve gotten a GED and then enrolled in college. My life has turned around 100 percent since I was living on my own, and going nowhere. I know when I get my degree, then I will be ready to live on my own.


Scholarships Smooth the Road on the Path to Success

My son is halfway through high school, and that means he’s starting to think about college. His father and I have been thinking about it for years, and the economy being what it is, we haven’t got nearly enough money saved to pay for four years of college. He’s a bright boy, and I’m steering him toward scholarship websites.

I applied for ten scholarships when I was young, and got one, which was enough to pay for my books for one semester, but every little bit helps. We didn’t have the Internet when I was going to college (no, I did not ride a dinosaur to school), so my son should have an easier time finding scholarships to help him pay for his classes. With a degree, he’ll be able to get a good job and take care of his parents in our old age.

Scholarships will really help. The Class of 2015 is predicted to graduate with $35,000 or more in student debt. That’s more than I make in a year! Ronald Nelson was accepted by eight Ivy League schools, but has chosen to attend the University of Alabama, because they’re willing to give him a better scholarship than Harvard or Yale.

Winning a scholarship will help my son afford college without going into debt for the rest of his life. Winning several scholarships would be even better. There are scholarships for particular majors, for descendants of Civil War veterans, for essay winners, for athletes, for club members, for people with odd hobbies, more categories than most people imagine. Going to college will help my son get a good job, one that’s mentally challenging, socially fulfilling, and financially rewarding. With a good job, he’ll be able to travel, to enjoy life … and maybe, support his mother in the style to which she’d like to become accustomed in her old age.


Trying To Find My Chosen Career In High School

It’s not easy for many students in today’s society. There are people who go to college without the knowledge or understanding on what they would like to do for the rest of their life. There are so many people who waste time and money, but you don’t have to, because it am going to give you the advice I received when I was struggling to discover what I wanted to do with my life.

It was back in my Senior of high school when I finally found out my love for fitness.i was at the gym and I was helping other friends and even strangers on their lifting techniques, so I wondered if that was a career I could have. Come to find out, I could become a fitness coach and work with people one on one to get to their final healthy body.

I decided to remember that having a degree in this field goes a long way in terms of being seen as a professional. I am about to study Exercise Science, and it’s a chosen study to help me learn more and showcase myself as a professional to potential employers and clientele. Gaining this educastion will help me understand the mechanics of the body and how to better utilize different movements to get quality health progress.

I am going to be attending multiple seminars over the course of the next two years to develop even more as a fitness coach. My end goal is to specialize not only in fitness in the gym, but also have a greater understanding of Yoga. Therefore, I plan on training with Master Yoga trainers down the road. I will be working with top notch fitness coaches in all forms of fields. Knowledge is power in this industry. The more you know, the better you’ll look in the eyes of your clients.

I am excited to be in this career mainly because I know that I will be helping people with their fitness goals. Getting this degree in Exercise Science will look great on my resume and also improve my skills. Having this understanding will help me push passed what others know. Fitness trainers also need certification, so I will be working towards gaining that certification over the next few years. Down the road, being able to open my own fitness studio will be one big achievement that will enable me to help more people.